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Here at Perfectly Pure and Natural we have a full line of Homeopathic Remedies. We specializing in Homeopathic Perfectly Pure Diet.

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Perfectly Pure will be offered in 2 sizes. 21 day supply or 40 day supply. Please read the Dr. Simeon Protocol before you start  the protocol.

ATTENTION: To checkout please  email me at I will send you a invoice for you to pay with any credit card. I will get back to you ASAP

Perfectly Pure Pellets

INGREDIENTS: HCG 12x, 30X. 60X 100X, Calcarea Carbonica 6X, Fucus Ves 6X, Spongia Tosta 5X, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid 6X,12X,30X, 60X 200X

Recommended Dosage:1 pellets 3-4 times per day under the tongue 30 minutes before meal or as directed by a health care professional.

What size bottle should I order?    Look at the suggestions below.

 The average women will lose 12-18 pounds in 21 days.  The average man will lose 20-35 pounds in 21 days. 

 The average women will lose 20-35 pounds in 40 days.  The average man will lose 33-50 pounds in 40 days.

I also carry the liquid Perfectly Pure 21day and 40 day supply.